real id california 2021 lost drivers license ca


real id california 2021 lost drivers license ca

How to Replace a Lost California Driver’s License

  Lost your California driver’s license? You may be wondering, “Can I drive if I lost my license in California?” Further, how can you get a replacement as soon as possible? Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do when you lose your California driver’s license.

  When you realize you’ve lost your California driver’s license, don’t panic. You can replace it and be back on the road shortly. Here’s what you need to do. 

  First, you need to head over to the CA DMV website and fill out the application to request a replacement driver’s license. The same application is used if you just need a new government identification card. Note, if you are a minor, you will need to have the signature of your parent or guardian. When requesting the replacement, you can also convert your license into a REAL ID. If you don’t have internet access or prefer not to use the online application tool, you can go to a physical DMV location and fill out the DL 44/EDL 44 form in person. 

  Next, if you’re converting to a REAL ID, you’ll need to prove your identity. You can do this by providing your Social Security number, two proofs of your California residency, and an acceptable document that proves your identity (e.g. unexpired passport, birth certificate, etc.).

  Lastly, find your nearest CA DMV and either walk in or schedule an appointment. During your visit, you’ll need to: 

  Pay the replacement fee, which is currently $30 as of 2021. 

  Have your photograph validated.

  Scan your thumbprint.

  Submit your proof documents (if upgrading to a REAL ID).

  After completing all of these steps, the DMV representative will provide you with a temporary replacement driver’s license. This will be valid for sixty days and can be used as proof while you’re waiting for your replacement card. Your new card should come within four to six weeks. If it doesn’t come by then, be sure to call 1-800-777-0133 to check on it. 

  In California, it’s illegal to drive without your physical license card in your possession. You could be charged with a misdemeanor which could lead to fines, according to California Vehicle Code Section §12500. Although the consequences are less than driving without a license altogether, there can still be consequences.

  Being so, it’s important to get your temporary license as soon as possible. If you absolutely need to drive in the meantime or to get to the DMV, bring your driving record with you to prove that you’re a licensed driver (if you are pulled over). While this may not help you avoid a ticket, it could improve your chances. If at all possible, it’s best to get a ride from a licensed driver until you receive your interim license. 

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  Lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed license? Replace your California Drivers license now by showing up at any DMV office. Just follow the directions below and the DMV will send you a new license. You may alternatively sign up with our site and we'll give you a handy checklist with all of the requirements.

  For your complete California Lost License Replacement guide please SIGN IN HERE.

  This is the only option available to California residents who need a duplicate license. The reason is that the DMV takes your privacy seriously and makes sure to validate your identity before issuing a replacement. All of your personal details will be checked, including your social security number and your picture will be compared.

  Go online and make an appointment at a local california dmv office. You may use this service a maximum of forty five (45) days before your appointment.

  You must enter your first and last name and phone number. The online system will allow you to schedule for up to three (3) different activities (for instance, change of name, change of address, renewal, etc..).  

  You will need to give your Social Security Number.

  Save time by pre-filling the DL-44 California Drivers License application form. Unfortunately, this form cannot be downloaded from the CA DMV website. This is due to a special code which must be scanned in person by a DMV employee. Additionally, only original signatures are accepted.

  If you are a minor (under 18), and are trying to replace a lost permit, both of your parents must sign the DL-44 application. However, if only one of your parents has custody, then only that parent must sign the application.

  Note: You may not download this form from the DMV's website, because each form must be individually scanned by an employee. However, you may save time by visiting a DMV office and picking up a form before your appointment. The CA DMV may also mail you the form if you call them at 800-777-0133.

  Bring money to pay the replacement/duplicate license Fee. 

  You will be required to leave a fingerprint of your thumb. 

  Your photograph will be taken and stored.

  Your final license card will be sent to your mailing address and will arrive in less than sixty (60) days. In the meantime, you will be given a temporary license that will be valid for a total of ninety (90) days, while your final card arrives by mail. It's very important that the DMV has your latest, most current mailing address or you will not receive your new license. To update your mailing address, please follow these California drivers license address change instructions before going in for your replacement.


  If you are able to find your old license, you must get rid of it (destroy) as soon as possible. You may not hold two licenses at the same time. 

  Note: If you would like to inquire about your license please call the DMV at the following toll free number:  (800) 777 0133.

  The following fee is the most up to date cost to replace your class C driver's license in CA. 

  Note: You may not pay with a credit card at the DMV office. The only forms of payment allowed are cash, money order, check or a debit card. 

  To verify your identity when applying for your duplicate, you will be required to show an ID with your photograph. 

  You will be required to give your social security number. 

  Your picture will be compared to ensure your identity.



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real id california 2021 lost drivers license ca